About Us


Since 1998 a dedicated group of enthusiastic 4WDrivers have been exploring Australia. Their aims then were no different from those of today, as the SA 4WD & Touring Club, that is to bring together like-minded people who are keen to explore this country and participate in group activities. These include social events, day trips and extended trips as well as training events over weekends. Members regularly plan trips to remote and geographically difficult areas. Our members drive a wide range of 4WD car makes and models. The Club funds a couple of events during the year. Great prizes and discounts for members are sort from event sponsors.

The Club fosters an environment where members can share knowledge, exchange ideas and learn new techniques in a variety of driving conditions and locations.

The Club is allied to clubs in NSW and Victoria and participates in a Tri-State gathering each Easter weekend. In 2018, the event was held at Merna Mora Station in the Flinders Ranges and was proudly hosted by our Club. Victoria coordinated a fabulous event in 2019 at Hillston-ROTO. In 2022 our club led a fun and eventful Tri-State in and around Peterborough, where we hosted over 100 people. In 2023 we headed off to Morwell Victoria and the Baw Baw National park.